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Solid Wooden Floors

Our engineered flooring solutions are made from solid pieces of natural wood. The thickness ranges from 8mm for the mosaic parquet to 20mm for the T&G strip flooring.


Solid wooden flooring is supplied in two types i.e.

A) Unfinished-these require to be sanded and sealed (finished) on site after installation.

B) Prefinished-these are ready for use soon after installation, they do not require further work.

Installation Options

Elastilon System

As technology has evolved so has our engineered flooring installations moved with it. The Elastilon system is basically a reinforced rubber mat that acts as an underlay and an adhesive, bonding the wooden flooring together and allowing it to move as a unit during expansion and contraction of the wood. This system of installation creates a “floating floor” and is the preferred method for prefinished floors and is also ideal for all  types of floors.

Glue down

By far the most commonly used wooden flooring system. Mostly used when installing unfinished floors that will require sanding and sealing. The glue down system creates a fixed floor that has limited movement. It works better in low humidity climate

Batten System

This is the oldest way of installing wooden floors. The floor will have a hollow sound and is used mostly with softer timber species

Timber Species 

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