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Laminated Floors

Laminated floors by Singletitle investments are available in a wide range of colours .Our laminated floors are graded according to level of wear resistance and this is based on type of usage. Usage ranges from light domestic use like in houses with minimum traffic to heavy commercial use for example in hotels and offices.

Our laminated floors are graded as follows

Grade   Usage
AC 3 Class23/31 Domestic use and light commercial
AC 4  Class 32 Domestic use and medium traffic commercial use
AC 5 Class 33

 Mostly for high traffic areas like hotels and very busy offices.



Colours include the following

  1. 1. Merbau

  2. 2. Walnut

  3. 3. Maple

  4. 4. Oak 5Cherry

  5. 6. Rustic oak

  6. 7. Scramento pine

  7. 8. cypress

Contact us to view real samples of these and many  other colors

laminated floors by by singletitle investments


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